Authentic stories: Real life in motion

by Paul Warner

As a child, I often was drawn to movies based on a true story. There’s something powerful about stories that actually happen. They inspire people in a different way than a fiction film would—people start believing the impossible is possible because the events of the story actually happened.

As a documentary filmmaker, I value the power of a true story. There are real characters facing real-life challenges in real time in documentaries. This is one reason why filmmaking at Warner Film Productions emphasizes the importance of capturing real life in motion.

One of the techniques I employ is called cinema verité, which is roughly translated from French as “film truth.” I want to capture the real life of what an organization promises, that what they say actually happens. This is most prominent in my video about the PrezCon board game convention, where people are excited to play board games and demonstrate it for real. Rather than simply incorporate b-roll to show what an organization does, I want people to experience fully what the organization actually does.

In addition, I have employed cinema verité as a co-producer of the award-winning short documentary Everything Between. Ethan Spalding faces the challenge of making his music genre of Traprock known through a single song: “Panda in the Air.” In multiple scenes, the viewer grasps the difficulty in making it as a full-time musician, from getting songs heard on the radio to making money to support oneself. As a documentary filmmaker, I look for those real moments to create a potent, authentic story.

Authentic stories are crucial to what I do at Warner Film Productions because ultimately, real stories move people deeply and make a lasting impact in people’s lives. When people see real challenges overcome, they are inspired to overcome challenges in their own lives. When people see real beauty and goodness in the work of an organization or person, they are moved to share in that beauty and goodness. When people experience the powerful testimony of a couple coming together in marriage, they seek to embody that commitment and love in their own marriages and relationships.

Authentic stories make real change happen.

If you’d like to have a film or video that makes that kind of impact through capturing real life in motion, let’s talk about it. Send me an email through our contact page and we can discuss your idea further.

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