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Meet Paul Warner

Paul Warner is a documentary filmmaker from Southern Maryland who began his adventure in filmmaking four years ago. After earning an associate’s degree in film studies at Anne Arundel Community College, Paul studied documentary filmmaking at George Washington University where he co-produced the award-winning short documentary Everything Between.

While studying film, Paul created videos for non-profits, education centers, an entertainment company and a church, all of which have shaped within him a strong and multi-faceted base of film experience. He also has experience as an intern at JWM Productions, where he worked on a Smithsonian Channel special Mysteries of the Rainforest, and Meridian Hill Pictures, an award-winning documentary film company in Washington, D.C.

Paul founded Warner Film Productions in 2017 to create authentic stories that move people and make a lasting impact. His experiences at Meridian Hill Pictures and George Washington University taught him the art of cinema verité filmmaking, a process that allows for people to encounter real life through motion pictures. He strives to create realistic, character-based stories that resonate with a wide audience and move people deeply. He also is passionate about filmmaking that makes a lasting difference in the world, having made videos that address clean water and health needs in Honduras. Paul is a jack-of-all-trades filmmaker who can produce, shoot and edit visual stories from beginning to end. He is active in local film organizations such as Docs-in-Progress and Women in Film and Video, DC Chapter.

When not creating films, Paul loves playing board games, participating in the life of his local church, and watching films. Paul recently completed a challenge to watch 365 films in a year, which has honed his filmmaking style and strengthened his film knowledge. Check out this post about how Paul has grown as a filmmaker through watching so many films this year.

Paul aspires to make feature-length documentaries, but is excited for wherever the adventurous life of filmmaking takes him.